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Posted by: singh000_khalsa (IP Logged)
Date: February 13, 2008 04:11PM


my name is gurinder pal singh and am currently living in australia..........
am trying to maintain bibek and pretty new with it........i dont know anything about it..... can anyone please help me and tell me the rehat of bibeki singhzz


Re: bibek!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: hardeep sengh (IP Logged)
Date: February 14, 2008 07:31AM

Sarbloh Bibek

Sarbloh Bibek is an additional rehit which has been here since the beginning of sikhi and was introduced by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Sarbloh Bibek is a great rehit which was forgotten as time went on. Many great Gursikhs such as Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji kept this rehit seriously and strictly. However, this rehit is not a necessity for all as one can progress in Naam without it. Bhai Rama Singh Ji never adopted this rehit, yet he was still one of those great Gursikhs who japped immense amount of Naam. It comes to no use if we do not have much wealth of Naam. Without Naam, all is false. Every deed is only lead to arrogance without Naam.

sompwk Aprs auidAwnI ]
He may cook his own food, and never touch anyone else's; he may live in the wilderness like a hermit.

rwm nwm sMig min nhI hyqw ]
But if he does not enshrine love for the Lord's Name within his heart,

jo kCu kIno soaU Anyqw ]
then everything he does is transitory.

We do not adopt this rehit because it is becoming popular. We do not adopt this rehit because we feel left out. We certainly do not adopt this rehit because it makes us look better than others. If Sarbloh Bibek is giving us ego, what meaning does it have then? All these physical rehits Guru Ji gave to us is to help us progress in Naam. So, if we don’t do much Naam abhiyaas, what good will Sarbloh Bibek do. These rehit that helps us in our Naam is to keep our discipline stronger and to remain humble.

nwnk ij nwmu n cyqnI iqn iDgu pYnxu iDgu Kwxu ]1]
O Nanak, those who do not contemplate the Naam, the Name of the Lord - cursed are their clothes, and cursed is their food. ||1||


iDAwie iDAwie jIvih jn qyry scu sbdu min mwxo jIau ]2]
Your humble servants live by meditating, meditating on You. Their minds treasure the True Word of the Shabad. ||2||

The rehit to Guru Gobind Singh Ji is more pleasing than the Sikh itself but what would be more pleasing if we discipline our mind before we begin to practise these physical rehits. First try and conquer the mind by doing as much Naam abhiyaas as we possibly can. When we begin to recite God’s name with each and every breath and every morsel of food, unintentionally, the additional rehits would come following behind. Guru Ji always protects and guides his devoted Sikhs and we only become devoted when we are always attuned to the love of God by remembering him 24/7.

gurmuiK jp qp sMjmI hir kY nwim ipAwru ]
For the Gurmukh, the love of the Name of the Lord is chanting, deep meditation and self-discipline.


hir Bgiq Bwv hIxM nwnk pRB ibsrq qy pRyqqh ]1]
But without loving devotional worship of the Lord, O Nanak, he forgets God, and then, he is a mere ghost. ||1||

We do not rush into Sarbloh Bibek, it comes gradually. When we rush into it, we easily forget the purpose of it and can easily loose this rehit. The rehit only becomes temporal if we do not engrave the love of God within our heart. However, Daas’s own personal opinion is that we should all keep a certain Bibek since the food we eat corrupts our mind. Whether it exists alone or not and regardless how far we go in our Bibek, we should not eat food which only does it not help our spirituality but does not benefit our health, for instance Junk food.

bwbw horu Kwxw KusI KuAwru ]
O Baba, the pleasures of other foods are false.

They come to no account when we die. All those sweet foods we tasted may have seemed delicious by the greed demon inside of us but at that very moment of death it would all seem bitter. Only Naam satisfies us in the end. All without Naam is useless and false. Naam is an ever-lasting pleasure which will not only give satisfaction here but in the hereafter too. Many of us when feeling down use food as comfort but there is no peace to the mind. Anything we are addicted to, it is like a drug. Instead of using food as our comfort, why not make the Naam our support. Make Naam the drug in our life. Once we put our 5 evils in control, the hunger of Naam that our soul strives for will be felt, this feeling is agonizing. Keeping a limit to what we eat from outside avoids our mind becoming polluted of wickedness and corruption.

sUqku Bojnu jyqw ikCu Kwih ]3]
The food which is eaten is polluted. ||3||

The Ras of Naam cannot be compared to anything in this world. The more we do swas giraas Simran, the more is over-flows within our mouth, becoming ever-more sweeter. Food only lasts for a short-period but naam is ever-lasting.

myrw mnu rwm nwim ris lwgw ]
My mind is addicted to the juice of the Lord's Name.

Sarbloh Bibek makes the food we eat pure. Food itself can have a negative affect on our mind if it has been handled by Manmukhs.

pwpI isau qnu gifAw Qukw peIAw iqqu ]
Coming into contact with the sinful human body, the food becomes so impure that is is spat upon.

We prepare the food in Sarbloh whilst reciting bani or/and Naam to make the food pure. This in return should make us humble as the word of the shabad remains within our mind. Therefore, we do not forget the great giver; the one who is placing the food within our mouth and the one that gave us this human life for us to have another chance to blend our light with His.

dwqwru sdw dieAwlu suAwmI kwie mnhu ivswrIAY ]
The Great Giver is always merciful. Why should we forget the Lord Master from our minds?

Sarbloh Bibek helps us live above pleasures of food. We only eat simple foods, not delicious foods that bring pleasure to the tongue. When we eat tasty foods, we forget God and the ras of Naam goes away. Let’s ask ourselves one question; do we live to eat or do we eat to live. We only eat so that we can Jap Naam. Otherwise, if we do not eat enough we are torturing our body unless we are at a level where we can survive upon air. Also, by not eating delicious foods and only eat from Sarbloh we are showing how poor and meek we are. Therefore, this makes us humble.

Andu grIbI swDsMig ijqu pRB iciq Awey ]
Even poverty is bliss, if God comes to mind in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

If by practising Sarbloh Bibek we become selfish by showing hatred and wickedness by not sharing food with others, we go against another rehit. We make food for our family, whether they practise the rehit or not. We remain slaves as God, so we are slaves of every being in this world as God’s light abides within them.

eykwkI bih Kwih nih Avrn ko BI dyie ]
Do not just eat on your own, always try to share with others.

The reason to become disciplined by following Guru Ji’s rehits, is so that we do not live as a slave to the mind by satisfying its desires but by surrendering our body and mind to Guru Ji by doing only what is pleasing to God. By following Guru Ji’s rehits we show our humbleness and only through humbleness we can attain liberation. God loves all beings equally and is attached to us all but God is only pleased with the one that devotes their life to God. Then we will be given all his great gifts.

dwqY dwiq rKI hiQ ApxY ijsu BwvY iqsu dyeI ]
The Great Giver keeps His Gifts in His Hand; He gives them to those with whom He is pleased.

We may choose to eat from our parents’ hands or not but always accept their wishes and never argue against them since it is a sin and we go against another rehit. Hurting them intensely is not helping us progress in Naam at all.

jo mwqw ipqw dI AwigAw nw mMny, so BI qnKwhIAw
One who does not show respect to the wishes of their parents is will be punished.

As long as we still live under their roof, we live by their rules. Who do we think we are if we do not eat from their hands of the one that raised us and made us into the person we stand today? Without them we would have not been given the gift of Naam or even had the chance to practise any rehit. If the child is extremely religious, whether the parents are or not, the parents are extremely blessed. Even if we do not eat from their hands and we still live of their earnings, we are eating from their hands no matter what.

ieku iPkw n gwlwie sBnw mY scw DxI ] ihAwau n kYhI Twih mwxk sB Amolvy ]129]
Do not utter even a single harsh word; your True Lord and Master abides in all. Do not break anyone's heart; these are all priceless jewels. ||129||.

In addition, the purpose of Sarbloh Bibek is not ideal if it in returns gives wickedness and pride. Sarbloh Bibek only comes to an affect if we gathered a lot of wealth of Naam. Chanting the lords Name is a greater discipline to Guru Ji. So if you ever want to please Guru Ji do as much Naam abhiyaas. Progressively, Sarbloh Bibek and other disciplines of a Sikh would come. Make Naam our support in life.

dieAwl dIn Bey hY siqgur hir mwrgu pMQu idKwvYgo ]3]
The True Guru has become Merciful to the meek and the poor; He has shown me the Path, the Way to the Lord. ||3||

Show that we have poverty, so that we may never forget God. Luxury only takes our mind away from God. By living simple and poorly; we do not become attached to this world. When we forget God, we might as well be dead since we are asleep day and night. Would we rather be awakened when we are battered on the head with death’s intense club?

kir Purmwieis KwieAw vyiK mhliq mrxu ivswirAw ]
Asserting their authority, they eat, and beholding their mansions, they forget about death


Re: bibek!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Harinder Singh (IP Logged)
Date: February 15, 2008 01:10AM

The correct word to use is food bibek. ie ability to choose the right stuff to eat and discard the rest. There are many aspects of this food bibek.To mention some:
1.eating only vegetarian food(eating non veg is a bajjar kurehit,ie amrit broken, ie game over)
2. eating only that food which is prepared by a fellow sikh,though raw materials like pulses, vegetables, flour can be taken from non-sikhs. The minimum requirement to be called a sikh is to have a) khande baate da amrit
b) keep kakkar rehit
c) avoid the 4 cardinal mistakes.
Eating from the hands of such a sikh is the least thats allowed in khalsa dharam. Anything below this is HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake and is like burning ones house, ones life, ones amrit and the worst of all, loosing the trust of Satguru jee.

3. The food shud be prepared with proper suchamtayee(cleanliness, purity). How to keep this suchamtayee is a separate topic in itself.
4. the food shud be prepared and ideally even served and eaten in sarbloh utensils. This is not compulsory but its FOOLISH to give up sarbloh utensils. Sarbloh is AMAZING. It has kallaaa of NAAM.Other than this it helps to keep us proper suchamtayee and saves us from jooth. Its very good for our body.

<<<As long as we still live under their roof, we live by their rules. Who do we think we are if we do not eat from their hands of the one that raised us and made us into the person we stand today? Without them we would have not been given the gift of Naam or even had the chance to practise any rehit. If the child is extremely religious, whether the parents are or not, the parents are extremely blessed. Even if we do not eat from their hands and we still live of their earnings, we are eating from their hands no matter what. >>>>

I DONT AGREE WITH THIS. Yes, if the child is very very young like 11-12 years, he can be excused.But if he is old enough to cook he shud not be eating from his non-amritdhari parents. Yes its the duty of the child to respect and serve his parents(irrespective of how they are) but this respect does not mean to give up Satguru jee's rehit and eat from their hands. Respect appnee thaan te hai te rehit appnee thaan te. Satguru shud be the top priority for a sikh and parents shud come after Satguru jee.
There are cases where the parents cut hair, drink,eat non-veg,have dishonest professions but their child becomes amritdhari. Will it be right to eat from the hands of such parents?? NO. The child shud still serve his parents and complete his duty but shud not eat their food.
Then the poster wrote <<we still live of their earnings, we are eating from their hands no matter what>>
NOOOOO!We live of the earnings of waheguru jee. Waheguru jee is THE ONLY SOURCE of earnings/food and the whole humanity(including parents, child, chachaa, mammaa, phupparrr etc) are beggars of Waheguru jee. There is only daataaaa bhaiiii.Ih tan basic gurmat asool hai.Ikk daataa hai te baki saree srishti bhikhaariiii hai.


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