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Dalai Lama's silence in 1984....
Posted by: News (IP Logged)
Date: April 06, 2008 08:30PM

Taken from panthic.org

China ought to smile at the Sikh movement for Khalistan...
Thursday 3rd of April 2008
Dr. Amarjit Singh, Khalistan Affairs Center

China ought to smile at the Sikh movement for Khalistan & support the aspirations of Christian Nagas for Nagalim which steps will immediately end India’s anti-China subversive activities in Tibet, Dharamsala & around the world long before the XXIX Olympiad Former Defence minister George Fernandes talks
of plans to‘ambush’ the Chinese Olympic torch relay in India on 17 April, 2008!

How come ‘His Holiness’ the Dalai Lama, the Human Rights activist, chose to remain silent, unlike His Holiness the Pope, about the 1984 Indian state-sponsored pogroms against the Sikhs?

Washington D.C. Wednesday April 02, 2008: India’s leading English language newspaper, the Times of India, in an expose on March 30, reports that, few groups on this planet can match the ability of the Dalai Lama and his cohorts, in the Tibetan diaspora, to network, make friends and milk the power of naïve Western sympathy for ‘harmless-looking purple-robed’ monks who skillfully supply the Western media with gory tales and images of Chinese ‘oppression’ and ‘aggression’ in Tibet, which are floated on several hundred websites, the authenticity of which information cannot be verified independently.

The above mentioned Times of India report shows how a few Tibetan activists, trained in securing support from the most improbable corners of human conscience, began a signature campaign in Mumbai recently. Within a few hours, thousands of Dalits, (‘Untouchables’) who were protesting nearby about the suffocating socio-economic discriminations against them in caste-ridden India, signed a petition pledging support ‘without having expanded their constituency’. The signatures were turned into a memorandum, by the Tibetan protesters, which was later forwarded to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Likewise, ‘His Holiness’ the Dalai Lama and members of his Tibet-government-in-exile living in Dharamsala, India, since 1959, have also learnt the art of telling their side of the ‘Tibet’ story while refusing to recognize or empathize with gory events that took place in their Indian neighborhood. For example, the Dalai Lama, a ‘holy man’ did not acknowledge even once, (unlike His Holiness the Pope) the cruelty of the June 1984 Indian Army attack on the Darbar Sahib, the holiest Sikh shrine in Amritsar, located only a hundred miles away from Dharamsala; or, condemn, even once, the November 1984, state-sponsored bloody pogrom which took place in Delhi, located two hundred miles from Dharamsala, in which over ten thousand Sikh men, women and children were murdered, in three days, after a ‘wink and a nod’ from none other then the then Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi; or, raise his voice in sadness and human sympathy at the murder of thousands of Sikh Youth who were hunted down and murdered in ‘false encounters’ in the Punjab by Indian armed police, in the dark decade of the 1980’s, when a whole generation of Sikhs was eliminated by the Indian rulers; or, even once empathize with the beleaguered Nagas by taking a public stand against the bloody Indian state-sponsored genocide, which has been carried out by the Indian Army for over half a century, in Christian-majority Nagalim and other parts of North Eastern India inhabited mainly by fellow-Mongoloid people of Tibetan ancestry who seek freedom as they do not want to live in a caste-ridden Indian colony.

The Dalai Lama and his henchmen, it is quite obvious, are well aware that as the dates of the August 2008 World Olympics approach, the global media’s interest in China is highly ‘cashable’. Dalai Lama & Co., therefore, see the disturbance they seem to have covertly engineered in Lhasa, as a great opportunity to embarrass the ‘Middle Kingdom’ – China – which it seems has made the mistake of underestimating the soft-spoken Dalai Lama’s reach and propensity for ‘mischief’. Beijing also seems to have ignored the deep involvement of India’s numerous Intelligence Agencies in subversive activity, against China, inside Tibet, in India and rest of the world, while overestimating the soothing effect of massive Chinese investments which have resulted in outstanding economic progress in the Tibetan economy which has maintained more than 12% development growth rate for seven consecutive years – one of the highest plus rates in the world.

Meanwhile, India’s National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan, it seems, has made a Freudian slip during a telephone conversation the Chinese State Councillor Dai Bingguo had with him, last week, when Narayanan is reported to have wished a ‘complete success’ of the Beijing Olympics while asserting that, “India will always stick to this position as it has been doing all along.” This loaded remark has been interpreted to mean, (by observers, like this column, who know the devious Chanakiyan mindset of the Indian rulers) that India’s 50-years long subversive activity in Tibet will continue as is evident from the plans by Indian Intelligence agencies to ‘ambush’ the Olympic Torch relay when it arrives in India this month (on April 17) from Pakistan. A former Indian Defence Minister, George Fernandes, has let the proverbial ‘cat out of the bag’ when, according to the HINDU newspaper, he told Karan Thapar’s “Devil’s Advocate” program on CNN-IBN, last week in Delhi that, “the Olympic torch should not be allowed to come to India and that he had asked his‘ colleagues’ and others to make ‘whatever effort’ was required to prevent the Olympic flame’s run in this country”. No wonder a so-called copy cat Tibetan ‘Independence Torch’ has been suddenly unveiled in Dharamsala, on 25 March, (where the Dalai Lama, and his Indian financed government-in-exile are based) according to a report in the Khaleej Times a Dubai-based English language newspaper. This ‘Tibetan torch’ is reported to have reached New Delhi last Sunday on its journey around the world to highlight the Tibetan cause and bring the Tibetan protests to world attention before the start of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad being held in Beijing from 8 to 24 August, 2008.

Interestingly, a senior Indian diplomat, one Kanwal Sibal, a former Foreign Secretary of India, in an article headlined, “Tibet Is Our Best Card To Settle Borders With China” (published in the latest issue of the popular OUTLOOK news magazine - of 7 April, 2008) has suggested that, “Unless shaken, Beijing will have no incentive to deal with the issue.” The article indicates the level of suicidal jingoism prevalent in the thinking of senior Indian decision-makers and the depth of Indian involvement in the disturbances in Tibet as well as worldwide protests. The OUTLOOK article also explains India’s suicidal policy on Tibet and the Dalai Lama as the article goes on to assert that, “While giving asylum to the Dalai Lama in 1959, India imposed the condition that he would not engage in any political activity on Indian soil. In 1959, there may have been some logic in putting restraints on the Dalai Lama in the expectation of reaching a peaceful border settlement with China. But the 1962 conflict, the occupation of large tracts of Indian territory by China since then, and the enormous damage to India’s security inflicted by China’s policies towards Pakistan in particular should have convinced us to revise our thinking about the political utility of the Dalai Lama card.” It is obvious that Mr. Kanwal Sibal’s above opinion piece, in OUTLOOK news magazine about India using the Tibet ‘card’ against China, is written with an eye to Western applause for such a stance. ‘Khalistan Calling’ dated March 26, 2008, (headlined, “What can India do if China diverts the Sutlej river in Tibet or fires non-nuclear missiles at Dharamshala in anger & hits the Bhakra Nangal dam instead?NOTHING!” provided an honest educated analysis of the hopeless military/geographical situation that exists, a la 1962, for India if it ever chose to confront China in the Himalayas over Tibet or the Dalai Lama or any other issue.

India’s neighbors perhaps do not realize that the world’s 26 Million muscular Sikhs (3 million free and prosperous in the diaspora and 23 million captive in Indian occupied Punjab) all of whom recite a daily prayer for the return of Sikh rule (‘Raj Karayga Khalsa’) are India’s ‘Achilles heal’. The Indian rulers, an evil nexus of the minority Brahmin and Bania castes (hardly 4 % of India’s population) know that, and are therefore, terrified of the day when a neighbor of India (China &/or Pakistan) decides to ‘smile’ at the Sikhs by noticing their aspiration for a buffer state of Khalistan. An economically viable, water and food rich, buffer Sikh state East of the Pakistan border (and West of the Chinese border) a la the brave Nagas who are also fighting for an independent oil-rich buffer state of Nagalim, West of Myanmar, East of Bangladesh and South of the Chinese border. There is no doubt that a friendly Chinese interest in acquiring more information about the proposed buffer state of Khalistan would electrify the Sikhs and terrify the Indian rulers into putting a quick end to Dalai Lamas provocative theatrics and Indian covert activity in Tibet and Dharamsala pronto, long before the start of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad being held in Beijing from 8 to 24 August, 2008.


Re: Dalai Lama's silence in 1984....
Posted by: isinghd (IP Logged)
Date: April 10, 2008 05:59AM

If this report is true, it is interesting to see how the Tibetans have forgotten the treachery of Hindus, when Buddhists were thrown out of India for rejecting the authority of the Veds and the caste system. Now they are in the same bed!


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