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Guru Nanak? A Muslim?
Posted by: The Future Is Bright (IP Logged)
Date: May 27, 2008 07:19PM


This video sets out to prove that Guru Nanak was a sufi muslim.

If someone was to come up to us and says this, what should we reply? :s


Re: Guru Nanak? A Muslim?
Posted by: Bundha (IP Logged)
Date: May 28, 2008 06:16AM

When Guru Nanak Dev Ji had his first communion with God, God blessed him and sent him to this world to spread His message, the first words uttered by Guru Sahib Ji was “There is no Hindu, there is no Mussalmaan,” from the outset Guru Sahib Ji distanced himself from these faiths as both were lacking.

Many times in Guru Sahib Jis bani the mussalmaan is admonished and chastised for his bigoted nature.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born into a Hindu family but rejected its rituals and customs, Guru Ji was blessed with two sons, Sri Chand Ji and Lakhmi Das Ji, hardly muslim names, his father was Mehta Kalu and mother was Mata Tripta Ji. Guru Nanak Dev Ji enjoyed the company of holy persons, be they Hindu or muslim this did not matter because Guru Ji recognised the divine spirit present in all.

He did not dress like a muslim as some people try to portray , Guru sahib Ji dressed as a holy man, which meant a chola of khuddar (rough low grade material) and a pair of wooden sandals or Kharama.

On his travels Guru Sahib Ji did travel eastwards, but never to a Hajj. Guru Ji had previously travelled to Hardward, Benaras, Varanasi, and other places of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage, this hardly makes him a Hindu or a Buddhist, wherever he went he put people on the True path of God. As for Mecca, Guru Sahib Ji slept deliberately with his feet towards the Kaaba. When challenged by the local Imam, Guru Ji replied “point my feet where God is not.” Upon moving Guru Ji’s around so that his feet faced the other way the Imam found to his surprise that Guru Ji’s feet were still pointing towards the Kaaba. He did it again and again the feet were pointing to the Kaaba, thus showing that God resided everywhere and that is was our foolish and bigoted minds that saw him in one place or set of people. Hardly the actions of a Muslim.

On Guru Ji’s travels through Bhagdad his companion Mardana would play the rabab and Guru Sahib Ji would sing about the infiniteness of God and His Creation, wherein occurred the following expression:

“ there are numerous patals (earths) and innumerable akashs (sky).”
when some Muslim who was listening to it realised what was being sung (the Qu'ran mentions only seven earths and seven skies) he reported the blasphemy to the Sajjdanashin of the Shrine of Pir Dastagir, Abdul Qadir Jilani.
Meanwhile an agitated crowd gathered on the spot. The people were on the verge of throwing stones when they heard the Guru’s divine invocation. The people in remorse went to their Pir and told him of the presence of a holy man.The Pir, having reached the place, enquired from Mardana who the holy man was. He was told that he was Nanak who had rejected all others except one God who was all pervading on earth, sky and in all four directions. Guru Nanak Dev Ji had many discourses with the holy men and they were convinced that Guru Ji was truly and man of God.

Before his departure Guru Ji was presented with a chola (robe) as a token of respect and the high regard the holy men held Him, on which verses in Arabic were inscribed. This chola lies preserved in the Gurdwara at Dera Baba Nanak, in Pakistan. The chola was given to Guru Sahib Ji by his devotees in Bagdhad and Guru Sahib Ji took it in the spirit in which it was given, no more. Pir Babhol, a Sufi saint was also deeply influenced by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. So this notion that the robe and its inscriptions hold any more significance is just incorrect.

Upon Guru Ji’s travels Guru Nanak kept a pothi (small book) in which were written down all shabads composed by him, these were kept safe and handed down to the subsequent Gurus. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was well educated and conversant in Hindi, Persian, Fasri and Sanskrit, he was no illiterate, and the words of Guru Nanak Dev Ji can be relied upon to be 100% accurate as the message of the Almighty. Guru Ji never carried the Koran or a prayer mat, why would he? He had rejected Islam from the outset.

When at Mecca the local Imam asked Guru Sahib Ji to do kalma with him. As the Imam started his kalma Guru Ji did not, and stood to one side. Upon finishing, the Imam in his fury asked Guru Ji the meaning of this, Guru Ji said to him “what is the use of meaningless ritual when your mind was someplace else trying to work out how to get the best price for your horses.” The Imam was shamed

The Q'uran holds no significance for a Sikh.
Fasting holds no relevance to a Sikh.
Circumcision mutilation holds no relevance to a Sikh.
Sikhs do not go in for ritual slaughter of innocent animals.
Sikhs do not face in any particular direction, east or west, when praying.
Sikhs do not hold any significance in ritual shaving of the head.
Sikhs do not hold any significance in throwing stones at a pillar.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji, was the greatest teacher of the world who brought forward true knowledge and made no compromises in his principles. Guru Ji found the prevailing thoughts of the time to be a seething mass of moral putrefaction. He detected among their elements rituals and superstition, and he struck at the root of these problems by demanding truth in faith and spirit in worship. Guru Ji cleared away everything that inhibited the relationship between God and human. Guru Ji held out no promises in this world or even in the next world. Guru Ji taught that the idea of life, the measure of salvation, is not happiness or peace of mind. To serve God and be able to love Him is in itself better than happiness, though it may be with wounded feet, bleeding brows, and laden with sorrow.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji separated Vedantic philosophy from religion, and declared it to be a mere gymnastics of the mind. Guru Ji showed that religion is less a matter of intellect and more a matter of spirit. The practice of Yoga may do very well for emptying the mind of desires, but it only gives a negative result. Guru Nanak Dev Ji substituted music, the singing of God's praises (Shabad Kirtan), for meaningless rituals as a means of linking the soul of humans with God.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji also helped greatly improve existing spiritual rules of conduct. There are two sorts of duties: (1) what we ought to do and (2) what we ought not to do. World religions had very early recognized the latter. "Thou shall NOT kill and Thou shall NOT do this or that.....this was all that was understood by the word Dharma or duty. This emphasis on the negative side of virtue led to the adoption of asceticism in the east as the highest ideal of life, which ultimately means the negation of all manly duty. Guru Nanak Dev Ji preached a higher truth. To him love was active service, and his disciples soon profited from this teaching. There is no higher record of service in history than that shown by the Sikhs, who were taught to annihilate the thought of self and utilize all their energy in the service of God and humility. No one loved God and humanity more than Guru Nanak Dev Ji. By the Guru's grace, may we all be blessed to carry Guru Nanak Dev Ji's mission into the future.


Re: Guru Nanak? A Muslim?
Posted by: oothpathang (IP Logged)
Date: May 28, 2008 02:32PM

That video claims that Baba Fareed went with Guru Nanak Dev Jee to Mecca? Where is he getting his history from?


Re: Guru Nanak? A Muslim?
Posted by: Bundha (IP Logged)
Date: May 29, 2008 03:34AM

One thing that I find interesting.

Do any other faith try to claim Shiv Ji as their own? Do the Muslims claim him? Or the Christians ? or the Jews ? ……… sadly no.

Do any other faith try to claim Mohammod Saab? Do the Jews try to claim him? Do the Christians try to claim him? Do the Hindus try to claim him as their own? ……….. sadly no, nobody claims him as their own apart from the muslins.

Is not Guru Nanak Dev Ji the most glorious of the glorious when two of the major faiths on this planet bend over backwards to try to claim Guru Ji. We not entirely naïve, we know they have ulterior motives, of course they do, but even then it is quite a feat………….and the Truth is He is theirs, and He is ours, Guru Ji is for all.


Re: Guru Nanak? A Muslim?
Posted by: The Future Is Bright (IP Logged)
Date: May 29, 2008 08:13AM

Bundha Ji...what a brilliant point...agreed!


Re: Guru Nanak? A Muslim?
Posted by: Harcharan Singh (IP Logged)
Date: May 29, 2008 11:38AM

Sorry to be pedantic Bundha, but quite a few 'Hindu' academics/Brahmans do claim that the coming of Mohammed Sahib was foretold in the Puranas i.e. Prof/ Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay.

In addition, Ismaili Shia's through their holy scriptures the Ginans claim Sri Krishna Ji as their own.

Baba Farid Ji who's faith continues in Pakpattan Chisti school and Bhagat Kabir Ji who's faith has been established via Kabir Panthi samprada as Kabir Chaura Mat, could both be seen as people of varying faiths who have been claimed as Sikhs.

The whole arguement is futile. Only God has claim on his servants. It's mans haumai that leads man to see divisions and glorify their own division. This was the actual objective of the Sakhi of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's acsension.


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